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DART Pre-Impact Press Briefing Interest Form

Members of the media may now register their interest in participating in a press briefing at NASA Headquarters on Thurs., Sept. 22 from 3-4pm ET regarding the impact of NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) with the asteroid Dimorphos - which poses no threat to Earth - as the world's first test for planetary defense. 

NOTE: Filling out this form is not a guarantee that you will be selected to participate. Due to space limitations and other considerations, NASA and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory may be unable to accommodate all requests for on-site attendance. NASA’s media accreditation policy for on-site and virtual activities is available online. 

The information that you provide is being collected so that we can contact you about your registration for this event. It will only be used for that intended purpose. Please read the NASA Privacy Policy for more information.